All About Perfume

Question What is the difference between pure perfume, edp(eau de parfum), edt (eau de toilette), and edc (eau de cologne)?
AnswerThe differences are simply a matter of the amount or concentration of oils in the fragrance. The highest concentration is in pure perfume (or parfum). Next would be Eau de Parfum, then Eau de Toilette, and finally Eau de Cologne. Some manufacturers make a solid perfume, solid perfume is as strong as a pure perfume however it is in a gel-like consistency.

Eau De Toilette and Eau De Cologne are generally interchangeable, especially in Men’s fragrances. After Shave has the least amount of oils. The higher the concentration the longer your fragrance will last, and the less you need to apply.

Question What is a Tester?
AnswerTesters are even more discounted than the fancy boxed versions and are great if you don’t have a need for the fancy box. Testers are 100% authentic, fresh and completely full just like the original fragrance, however they are meant for the counter in a department store. Testers often come in a plain white box but sometimes they do not have a cap or a box. The savings on the packaging means you save even more!
Question What is the difference between a splash and a spray?
AnswerThere is absolutely no difference in the fragrance. The difference is in the method of application only. However, a spray bottle, being sealed all the time, may actually have a longer shelf life. Making the decision between spray and splash is entirely a matter of personal preference.
Question What do fragrance notes refer to?
AnswerFragrances are comprised of many different scents, these scents are called “notes.”

Top notes are very light and last just a few minutes (5-10 minutes). Middle notes become apparent in about 15 minutes after application. These can last up to an hour or more. Bottom notes are the heavier ingredients. These last the longest, usually for several hours.


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